A Procedure for Quantifying Compensatory Debits and Credits

By: Beth Nelson, Rocky Mountain Region Administrative Assistant Coincidental to the 10-year anniversary of the Corps/EPA Compensatory Mitigation Rule, environmental scientists Rachel Harrington and Palmer Hough conducted a study that highlighted the progress in the field of wetlands mitigation. The study, published in The Environmental Law Reporter (2019), also cites potential opportunities for improvement in

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Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse to Remain Protected

On April 16, 2018, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided that the Preble’s meadow jumping mouse (Zapus hudsonius preblei) will remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. The mouse was listed as threatened in 1998. The decision by USFWS is good news for the WES Rocky Mountain Regional office, which has recently proposed the

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