Mitigation and Conservation on a Landscape Scale

Committed to restoring and conserving America’s wetlands, streams, and wildlife habitats.

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About Westervelt Ecological Services

Westervelt Ecological Services creates mitigation and conservation banks and provides environmental mitigation and habitat planning services to landowners, businesses, government agencies, and land trusts. Our established industry leaders excel in the field of wetlands, streams, and endangered species mitigation services, to create a nationwide habitat mitigation company.

Site Protections and Funding for Compensatory Mitigation Project

By: Lucy Harrington, Rocky Mountain Region Director Long term protection for compensatory mitigation sites can be complicated but are a necessary component to the Clean Water Act compensatory mitigation program. Some of the ...
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Planting Mixtures: Natives and Numbers

By: Kristen Qualls Land Stewardship Technician, Southeastern Region During the month of February, Westervelt Ecological Services’ (WES) Southeastern Region Land Stewardship Team planted 892 acres of wetlands at two WES mitigation banks: Alabama River ...
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Colorado Water Congress 2019

Colorado water law is distinctive. As the state’s population steadily increases, competing demands for water application and usage become increasingly apparent. Whether or not shifting water demand can be adequately met with ...
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