Site Protections and Funding for Compensatory Mitigation Project

By: Lucy Harrington, Rocky Mountain Region Director Long term protection for compensatory mitigation sites can be complicated but are a necessary component to the Clean Water Act compensatory mitigation program. Some of the biggest threats to the mitigation program are the lack of appropriate site protection instruments and identifying accurate funding amounts for long term

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Planting Mixtures: Natives and Numbers

By: Kristen Qualls Land Stewardship Technician, Southeastern Region During the month of February, Westervelt Ecological Services’ (WES) Southeastern Region Land Stewardship Team planted 892 acres of wetlands at two WES mitigation banks: Alabama River and Pensacola Bay. Planting season typically occurs during the winter months for greater tree survival. This is due to dormancy and

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Colorado Water Congress 2019

Colorado water law is distinctive. As the state’s population steadily increases, competing demands for water application and usage become increasingly apparent. Whether or not shifting water demand can be adequately met with existing water supply has been a subject of active discussion. With the success of ecological restoration being directly influenced by the outcome of

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Travis Hemmen’s Successful Reign as ERBA President Coming to a Close

There is never a dull moment for WES’s Travis Hemmen! Travis has been doing double duty with responsibility as Vice President of Business Development at WES and serving as President of our industry association, the Ecological Restoration Business Association (ERBA). ERBA serves as the industry’s voice in Washington by advocating for smart policies and legislation

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The Fly Rod Chronicles and WES Team Up in Colorado

Recently, the Westervelt team met up with the team from The Fly Rod Chronicles to help viewers make the connection between healthy river systems and the sport that they love. Segments were filmed on different sections of river, including a Westervelt Restoration Project near La Salle, Colorado. These pictures were taken at the confluence of

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