St. Marks Mitigation Bank Receives Credit Release

Additional credits are now available at Westervelt’s St. Marks Mitigation Bank in Florida. The recent release includes: 8.3 credits of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) approved freshwater wet prairie/wet flatwood 7.4 credits of FDEP approved Cypress/Mixed forest 23.73 credits of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved Palustrine Forested Low density longleaf was planted across

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Tour Highlights the Benefit of Managing Habitat for Gopher Tortoise

Westervelt recently hosted a group of stakeholders at our Chickasawhay Conservation Bank. The bank is a representative of the stewardship ethic of our parent company, The Westervelt Company’s (TWC), who’s land management focuses on wildlife, biodiversity, and endangered species. TWC manages its legacy lands for high conservation values where they exist, such as at the

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Pensacola Bay Mitigation Bank

This video highlights our Pensacola Bay Mitigation Bank in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The bank is a viable compensatory mitigation alternative for wetland mitigation impacts to jurisdictional mixed hardwood and pine flatwoods and hosts a healthy population of carnivorus pitcher plants. The service area for the Pensacola Bay Mitigation Bank includes land in Escambia, Santa Rosa, and

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