Our Philosophy


To provide enduring ecological solutions for the benefit of our stakeholders and the lands we conserve.

Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) creates mitigation banks and provides environmental mitigation and habitat planning services to landowners, businesses, government agencies, and land trusts. Our established industry leaders excel in the field of stream, wetland, and endangered species mitigation services, to create a nationwide habitat mitigation company.

The Westervelt Company

Headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, The Westervelt Company owns and manages forests certified to FSC and SFI standards in the southeastern United States from which it produces lumber and wood products for domestic and international markets, creates master plans for commercial and residential real estate, and offers sporting recreational activities across the globe. Privately-owned since its founding in 1884, the company continues to embrace its founder’s belief that “quality counts,” and commits to providing exceptional value and service to our customers; we take pride in being fair, honest, and open in all our dealings.


As a leader in the industry of wetland, stream, and endangered species mitigation banks and services nationwide, we create an atmosphere and attitude toward safety that rivals that of our stewardship for the land, restoration of sensitive habitat, and protection of species. Along with that notion, the safety and preventative care of the human species is also paramount to our daily operations. As such, we have pledged to cultivate a safe and healthful working environment for ourselves, our co-workers, and our clients.